Attorney Michael Winters was recently a course presenter at the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Practitioner’s highly popular DUI and Motor Vehicle Summit at 
The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) is an association that is open to law students and attorneys admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania who are actively engaged in the defense of criminal cases. It includes over 850 private criminal defense practitioners and public defenders dedicated to the preservation of the adversary system of justice.

The DUI and Motor Vehicle Summit provides the latest 
in legal and tactical updates for criminal defense practitioners throughout the Commonwealth. Mike’s presentation was entitled A Discussion of Frequent Ethical Issues Facing DUI and Motor Vehicle Defense Practitioners that will make you wish you went to dental school. The topic involved a discussion of ethical issue that frequently confront criminal defense practitioners, including conflicts that arise between the duty of candor to the court versus client confidentiality; the disclosure of evidence by defense counsel; and, solicitation of new clients by mail.

In addition to the ethical issues discussed by Winters, PACDL’s DUI and Motor Vehicle Summit offered attendees the latest rules of the road; the knowledge of how law enforcement personnel detect suspected drunk drivers; the techniques employed to test drivers; and, how field sobriety tests are correctly and incorrectly applied. The summit is seen as vital in inspiring confidence in the clients of defense practitioners; improving counsel’s negotiation strategies; and, obtaining favorable results in the defense of their client’s in an ethical manner.