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Need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side that you can trust?

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, the most important thing you can do is seek immediate and aggressive representation to protect your rights. Decisions that you make at the beginning of your case may drastically affect how your case may be ultimately resolved. At Lancaster Law Group, you will be represented by a criminal defense lawyer possessing extensive experience litigating criminal cases within this extremely complex area of law. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of new developments in criminal law so that we can accurately assess your case and provide appropriate legal counsel.

Criminal law is an extremely complex area of the law and can be overwhelming. Our attorneys take the time to ensure that you understand exactly what to expect at each stage of the criminal process, while thoroughly explaining your available options. Whether your case is eligible for the ARD program or is destined for a jury trial, our team will ensure that you are aware of all options, most importantly, the best option. We understand that no two cases are the same and will take the time to understand your case and thoroughly research what strategies will best serve you.

When exactly is a criminal defense attorney in Lancaster PA needed?

A criminal defense attorney is needed as soon as you have been charged, or come under criminal investigation. It is crucial that you have strong representation as soon as you are charged or if you might be charged with a criminal offense in Lancaster PA. Retaining an experienced and aggressive defense attorney is the most important thing you can do when facing criminal charges.  Why do you specifically need us? Our knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense lawyers will take the necessary steps to protect your rights and lessen the impact of criminal charges on your life. Our criminal defense attorneys have dedicated their entire legal careers to criminal law and are well-versed in the process, consequences, and options available.

The result of your criminal case can drastically change your life and your rights. At Lancaster Law Group, our attorneys will explain not just the criminal process, but the collateral consequences of your case.

Our criminal defense lawyers have handled all types of criminal cases and have litigated a multitude of legal issues before the trial courts as well as on appeal. We have handled cases ranging from misdemeanor offenses, such as DUI, up to death penalty homicide cases. Our experience in this field places us in an advantageous position to accurately assess your case, provide wise counsel, and craft a powerful defense that protects you and your rights.

With so much on the line, make sure that you have thorough, knowledgeable and aggressive representation in your corner.

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