Caring about Your Child’s Future means Planning for Your Child’s Future … Do Your Homework!

When you found out you were expecting a child, you did your homework.  You took the time to research the endless options and choices – names, diapers, whether to bottle feed or nurse, and, which of the 13 “best” baby carriers you would add to your baby registry.

But, as soon as your child arrived, the things you had anticipated would happen are quickly replaced with what is actually happening. Children reach milestones and grow out of those carefully-selected clothes faster than you can imagine. They finally begin sleeping through the night and now, you’re losing sleep and booking tours to find a preschool program.

As parents, we think about every aspect of our child’s life – eating, sleeping, education, screen time – the list is endless.  We all strive to give our children a bright future.

But, life doesn’t always go as we plan.  If something tragic happens to you, who would care for your child in your absence?  How would their financial needs be met?   It is unpleasant to think about;  but, what if, one day, you were no longer there for your child?

You need to take some time and do your homework!

Preparing for the future is a necessity for a parent. Part of that process is to make sure you have a Last Will and Testament, so that your preferences are known.  Being proactive means your loved ones are not left to figure out a plan in the midst of their grief.

So … at the top of the “TO DO” list for your homework, add having an honest conversation with an attorney you can trust so you can discuss your options, choices, and plans for your child’s future.

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