Lancaster Law Group Adds A New Paralegal To Aid Spanish Speaking Clients

Lancaster Law Group is proud to announce the addition of Angely M. Rodriguez, a paralegal, who will be aiding in interpreting and translating for Spanish-speaking clients.  The community of Lancaster has a large Spanish-speaking population and Lancaster Law Group is excited to be able to serve that community to its fullest potential.  Angely joins the long list of excellent staff that Lancaster Law Group employs that helps to provide top-notch legal services.

Angely M. Rodriguez was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is a proud graduate of J.P. McCaskey High School.  Since she was 14 years old, Angely worked for the family business, El Friquitin de Villalba as a cashier, cook, manager and administer all office related duties.

She attended Central Penn College and in 2019, she received her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.  Angely previously worked at MidPenn Legal Services, where she was a Pro Bono Coordinator/Support Staff. She also assisted all of the attorneys with research, drafting, interviews, filing, translations of document and interviews. In her role at Lancaster Law Group, Angely works in the criminal law and family law divisions as a paralegal.  Angely has played a crucial role as an interpreter for client consultations and meetings. Angely also serves as a Notary Public.

“Having Angely Rodriguez as part of our team has allowed Lancaster Law Group to offer our legal services to those whose primary language is Spanish.  Her ability to help us communicate effectively has been a welcome and necessary addition to our firm.” – Joe McMahon, Partner

Lancaster Law Group will continue to seek out talented individuals that can become an asset to the firm and help serve the community of Lancaster and the surrounding area.  Ensuring that all clients are treated with dignity, respect, and attention to detail has always been the goal of Lancaster Law Group.  Contact Lancaster Law Group today for all legal needs at 717-696-6329.

Bio: Lancaster Law Group, LLC promises every client the comprehensive, expert, and committed legal advice and guidance they need with every case.  They advocate for their client’s rights – with authority – delivered in an honest and courteous way while striving for a positive outcome in each unique case.  Reach out to the legal team at to make them your advocate.