McMahon & Winters Law Firm Welcomes New Partner, Shawnee S. Soto-Ortiz.

McMahon & Winters Law Firm is pleased to welcome a new partner, Shawnee S. Soto-Ortiz. Soto-Ortiz focuses her practice in Family Law and brings over 10 years of her knowledge and expertise to McMahon & Winters where their team of attorneys are dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal advice and services to their clients. She focuses on explaining the complexities of custody and divorce cases to her clients; negotiating results in her clients’ best interest; and, litigating issues before the Court that cannot be resolved by the parties.

A native of Lancaster County, Soto-Ortiz is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and the New England School of Law. Her career began in a Family Law practice in Boston in 2005. In 2010, she returned to Lancaster and she and her family now reside in Manheim Township, Lancaster County. Upon her return the Lancaster, she continued practicing and building her Family Law Practice before joining the team at McMahon & Winters as partner. She is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and is a member of the Pennsylvania and Lancaster Bar Associations. She also serves on the Lancaster Bar Association Board.

McMahon & Winters Law Firm is passionate about delivering the legal services, guidance and advocacy that is unique to every client and every case. Though the legal system often seems confusing, the lawyers at McMahon & Winters take the time to clearly explain the issues and the process – as well as the potential outcomes – for each case. They work as negotiators and advocates to tenaciously protect their clients’ rights.

McMahon & Winters co-founding partner, Joseph P. McMahon, explains, “We are excited for Ms. Soto-Ortiz to join our team. She is a well-respected member of our legal community and an outstanding advocate for her clients.” Soto-Ortiz’s dedication to her clients and advocacy on their behalf make her an ideal partner for the McMahon & Winters team. “Shawnee is a great advocate for her clients. Compassionate enough to understand her clients’ needs and passionate enough to fight for them in the courtroom, we are lucky to have her join McMahon & Winters as a partner in our law firm.” – Michael T. Winters, co-founding partner, McMahon & Winters Law Firm.

In addition to family law, the law professionals at McMahon & Winters offer personalized care and legal counsel in a variety of matters including all Criminal Law defense cases, DUI and traffic violations, and Juvenile cases. In Lancaster and the surrounding areas, clients understand they can trust the team at McMahon & Winters to zealously protect their legal rights and deliver the legal service every client deserves.

If you are in need of counsel in the area of family law, child custody and divorce matters, contact Shawnee S. Soto-Ortiz, the newest partner at McMahon & Winters.

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