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If you have been named as an alleged perpetrator of child abuse, you may be facing an investigation by the local county agency and/or facing potential criminal charges. You should immediately contact a criminal lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense, as well as Children and Youth investigations and ChildLine appeals. The Lancaster Law Group criminal lawyer team has experience in defending people accused of child abuse as well as having successfully appealed ChildLine findings filed against their clients.

The ChildLine registry maintains records of pending complaints filed (for alleged child abuse investigations), a central register (for confirmed child abuse reports) and the unfounded file (for reports awaiting expunction). Prospective child care service workers, school employees, subcontractors who work around children and certain volunteers and coaches are some of the categories of people who must obtain child abuse clearances from the Department of Welfare to ensure they are not a known perpetrator of child abuse or student abuse. If your name is listed in the ChildLine registry, you will not be able to obtain these necessary clearances. This means your employment, coaching and volunteer efforts could be in jeopardy.

If you have been contacted by an agency investigating an allegation that you have committed child abuse, you should immediately contact an attorney. Criminal charges alleging abuse of a child and a ChildLine record will significantly impact your life. Once an allegation is made, you have a limited time to take action. We have experience in dealing with police, child service agencies and the Department of Human Services. We will work zealously to prevent you from being charged or listed as a perpetrator in the ChildLine registry.

If you have been accused of child abuse, you need legal counsel and representation. The lawyers at Lancaster Law Group are here to help and defend you.

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