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Lancaster Law Group handles all types of Juvenile Law cases in Lancaster, PA. If you need an aggressive defense against allegations or skilled negotiations, our team is ready to help. Juvenile Law cases may require unique resolutions and collaboration from all parties. Having an attorney capable of developing creative solutions makes all the difference.

When your child is in need of treatment or supervision, our juvenile law attorneys will use our experience and knowledge of juvenile law to assure that your child receives the least-restrictive and appropriate programs of supervision, care and rehabilitation.

We have defended juveniles accused of acts ranging from minor summary offenses to serious felony charges. The Court also recognizes our experience in this area and our lawyers are frequently appointed as Guardians for juveniles in Juvenile Court cases.

Juvenile Law and the Juvenile Justice System are very different from the Adult Criminal System in Pennsylvania. The terms and procedures used are unique to the Juvenile Court system. Juveniles are not “charged” with a “crime”; rather, they are “alleged” to have committed a “delinquent act”. Depending on the severity of those allegations and past history of the juveniles involved, they may remain under supervision of the Juvenile Probation Office, detained in a secured Detention Facility, or placed on House Arrest with electronic monitoring during this process.

A distinct Juvenile Court system with special rules and disposition options has been developed with a focus on rehabilitating juveniles rather than simply punishing them. When faced with the uncertain and the potentially life-altering consequences of juvenile allegations, a family can be quickly overwhelmed with emotions and left feeling helpless. It is imperative that they immediately retain an experienced juvenile lawyer.

At Lancaster Law Group, we are here as your juvenile attorney to offer our understanding, knowledge, skills and experience in order to help you and your family through this process. With so much on the line, make sure that you have thorough, knowledgeable and aggressive representation in your family’s corner.

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